Because picking a restaurant shouldn’t be hard

Great lunch is just a swipe away!

Why is it that your creative juices are always dried up when trying to pick a restaurant? The endless choices just make you freeze up and default to the same old semi okay thai place on the corner next to the office.

Never again! No more endless scrolling getting overflown with information. Because now there’s Lunchrrrrr – The app that let’s you swipe through all the restaurants near you one at a time. Just tell the app where you are and it will simply present you with the best place to grab a lunch, dinner, fika or snack. Cool, right?

Once you go Lunchrrrrr you don’t go back

Lunchrrrrr works everywhere. Just type in any city, area, address or use your current location to find places you never knew existed. You can tweak which restaurants show up in your card stack by setting a maximum distance and adjusting for budget level and opening hours. It’s really kinda neat.

If you’re experiencing problems with the app or have any questions, feel free to contact us at